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Travel Insurance


Here at Travel Professionals, we know that family is #1 priority, especially now during these unprecedented times. That is why we recommend getting travel insurance to every one of our clients. Give yourself peace of mind knowing that you and your family is covered if anything were to happen before and during your vacation. Protect yourself and your investment with Travel Guard Insurance. 

"Why can't I just get travel insurance from my tour company?"

Many tour comapanies and cruise lines offer their own travel protection plans. These plans may provide very different coverage than what is offered through Travel Guard. In most cases, supplier-provided coverage won't cover you in the event they go bankrupt. Coverage with them may also only be for prior your vacation and not during it. These are big reasons why we book all of our travel insurance for our clients with Travel Guard. To give you peace of mind knowing you are covered before and during your vacation.

Call Travel Professionals today for a quote and to discuss what Travel Guard insurance policy is best for you!


Below you will find the 24-hour services that Travel Guard provides for their customers!

Travel Guard 24-Hour Concierge Assistance

  • Restaurant Referrals and Reservations
  • Event Ticketing
  • Ground transportations coordination
  • Golf tee time reservations and referrals
  • Floral services
  • Latest sports scores
  • Find, wrap, and deliver one of a kind gifts
  • Movie and theater information
  • Local activity recommendations
  • and more!

Travel Guard 24-Hour Travel Assistance

  • Flight rebooking
  • Hotel rebooking
  • Rental Car reservations
  • Emergency return travel arrangements
  • Missed connection coordination
  • Lost baggage search; stolen luggage replacement
  • Lost passport/travel documents assistance
  • ATM Locator
  • And more!